Villa Savoye LEGO Set 21014

`Le Corbusier has always been an inspiration to me. His architecture is harmonious, well-balanced and coherent. His philosophy and his opus are timeless and yet still far ahead of his time at the same time.

One of the great examples of this work – and one of my favorites – is Villa Savoye: closed and seemingly impregnable from the exterior, open and organic from the interior. With the building he reached two contradicting characteristics at the same time: isolation from and relation to nature.

The biggest challenges oft he LEGO model construction – which took more than 15 versions to reach its final state and included the help of most experienced designers from the LEGO team – were the pillars and the complex roof design.

At first I constructed the pillars from 1×1 round bricks, but they always seemed oversized. In the final version, after consulting with the LEGO design team, I used the blades from LEGO light sabers, which in turn presented another challange when it came to anchoring them to the base plate. When attempting to construct the roof elements, I was amazed yet again by Le Corbusier`s art: nothing is coincidental and every change in his design principals led to imbalance and disharmony in the model`

– After 18 months development and time to market, I`m proud and happy to see it in trade –

Michael Hepp


Ein Kommentar zu “Villa Savoye LEGO Set 21014

  1. Habe ich letzten Sonntag begonnen und nach ca. 4 Stunden fertiggestellt. Ein sehr schönes Modell, an dem man die Villa Savoye auch ohne sie jemals in natura gesehen zu haben dreidimensional begreifen kann. Auch die Texturen sind sehr gut umgesetzt (Kies auf dem Dach, umlaufendes Kiesbett, Wiese). Einzig die Bauweise des nicht sichtbaren Unterbaus des Sockels erchließt sich mir nicht auf Anhieb.

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